Heather's Happenings and My First Vlog!

Heather's Happenings and My First Vlog!

Hey, hello! 

Heather here 🙋‍♀️ and I'm back with my weekly email of what's happening at Ewe Ewe Yarns.

First off, I'd like to say thank you to everyone that answered last week's sweater knitting survey! Some 400 of you trusted me with your creative hopes, dreams and even some fears.

I really appreciate your feedback and input because it helps me make more projects and content you both need and want. Even hearing what hurdles there are is good because I want your knitting hobby to be relaxing so the more skills I can help you learn, the better we'll all be!

The two Pop Top sweaters, a cardigan and a pullover, are at the technical editor getting all polished and reviewed. The one you see at the top of this post is my cardigan test knit so I can make sure it all works the way I thought it did when I wrote the pattern. I got a little crazy with the colors and I am totally obsessed with it.

SECONDLY... I made today's Heather's Happenings on video, too! 

If you'd like to watch me talk about this stuff, here's the link:

I hope you liked it! Again, I look forward to your helpful feedback. I would love if you leave me a comment and let me know if I should do more video blogs or just stick to my writing. I think I seem a tad nervous but hopefully that will go away as I become more comfortable with the format. It's challenging to talk without an audience!

Earlier this week –

Celebration Blanket: Block 7 – Growing Trellis
On Monday I posted a video tutorial for the RC stitch inside the Growing Trellis pattern. If you'd like to watch that it's here and the free pattern is here

Next up are some new notions on the website!

This adorable FIX-IT clasp stitch marker. Maybe there's a knit that should be a purl and you just noticed it but want to go back later and correct it. The Fix-It Marker can clip right on to your work and hold that place until you get to it!
Dropped a stitch? Fix-It Marker can also clip right on the loop to grab that stitch so it doesn't go any further!
Just love bandages? Use the clip as a knitting progress keeper.

And another new item ––

A tote bag that reminds you to BUY MORE YARN! And, to have a nice day, but who are we kidding. It's all about the yarn! 

Are knitting and buying yarn two different hobbies?

I think so! It's so fun to browse colors of yarn and think about what they could be.

That's where the BUY MORE YARN tote bags comes into action. Fill up this generous cotton tote with all the hopes and dreams of a few skeins of fresh yarn.

Plus, this bag can fold up and tuck inside your purse so you always have it when you're ready to BUY MORE YARN!

Shop Buy More Yarn tote bag >

Shop all Notions >


Thank you for stopping by today and being a part of the Ewe Ewe community. I hope you've found a little does of knitting inspiration or at least had a laugh with me on my video! 

Happy knitting,
💗 Heather


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Heather on

Hi Karen, The pattern is coming soon! Almost ready!
Thanks for checking.
💗 Heather

Karen on

Love love love the striped sweater that looks like it’s “in process”. Is this pattern available???
Thx. Knit-On

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