Sheep Socks 🐑 Ewe + Me Socks Knitting Pattern

Sheep Socks 🐑 Ewe + Me Socks Knitting Pattern

We love sheep, right? We're knitters and our wool comes from those sweet fluffy animals which means, of course we love sheep!

Ewe + Me are besssst friends 🐑 💗 🐑 Checkout this cheerful collaboration between two knitting friends; Ewe Ewe Yarns and The Chilly Dog!

Knit the Ewe + Me Socks with the cutest sheep faces duplicate stitched onto the toes! The main foot and ankle are worked in twisted stockinette stitch for a subtle texture letting those adorable faces shine.

What are the details of the Ewe + Me Socks knitting pattern?

This wooly knit sock pattern is a tribute to our fiber friend, the sheep!

The socks are worked from the toe up so the happy ewe face can be duplicate stitched on with minimal fuss. The body of the sheep had a lightly textured appearance to imitate its wooly fleece. 🐑

The socks have a contrasting shadow wrapped short row heel.

This pattern is written in needle neutral terms and can be worked on dpns or circular needles with your favorite small circumference circular knitting method.

Is there a video tutorial for these sock knitting techniques?

There isn't just one tutorial for knitting these socks... there are FIVE!

Ellen from The Chilly Dog is one of the best knitting teachers on YouTube and walks you through tons of helpful tips for knitting these socks and many other things!

Where do I find the links to make the Ewe + Me Socks with Fluffy Fingering yarn?

We have a colorful collection of yarn kits like Neon Sheep, Sheep in the Woods and the fun Yin and Yang combo shown above!

  1. Purchase Pattern: Ewe + Me Socks by Ellen from The Chilly Dog.
  2. Purchase Yarn: Yarn Kits in cute color combinations or choose your favorite colors of Fluffy Fingering merino sock yarn on this website.
  3. Knit the first adorable sheep sock.
  4. Knit that second sock!
  5. Love wearing these friend socks for a long time.

Choose 2 balls of the MC and 1 ball of the CC of your favorite Fluffy Fingering yarn color and knit these socks!

Hey, thanks for stopping by today!

Do you have friends that you knew you'd be friends with before you even had a chance to meet them?

That's what happened with Ellen from The Chilly Dog!

A few years ago I was hanging out in my booth at the trade show and Ellen wandered in to chat. We talked about tech editing, yarn and pattern design.

At the end of the chat she handed me her card and I knew exactly who she was because I had followed her YouTube channel for years.

An adorable dog wearing a teal scarf as a logo... of course we were going to be friends! 🧣 🐕

Five years and lots of great conversations later, I get to write an email about how an amazingly cute sock pattern uses my yarn in the design, but between you and me, it's about how knitting friends are the best friends.

Watch us chat together about these socks on YouTube!

I hope you can connect with a stitching friend today. It really does help soothe our minds and keep us going each day.

Happy knitting!
💗 Heather

Purchase Pattern: Ewe + Me Socks by Ellen from The Chilly Dog.
Purchase Yarn: Yarn Kits in cute color combinations or choose your favorite

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