Firre Socks {knitting inspiration}

Firre Socks {knitting inspiration}

Cozy, pretty and inspired by nature, these socks are a little bit of everything I love!

I love to find great sock knitting patterns by designers across the world and match them up with a Ewe Ewe yarn. Take a look at today's Socks on Saturday knitting idea!

Firre Socks Knitting Pattern by Joanna Ignatius

Inspired by majestic fir trees, Joanna Ignatius designed the Firre Socks with a beautiful lace motif to mimic the cones of those trees.

The socks feature the traditional Shetland Fir Cone lace stitch pattern on the leg and top of foot in this sock knitting pattern. 

Firre Socks knitting pattern on Ravelry

The Firre Socks pattern are written for either cuff down or toe up knitting. It's so wonderful when a designer provides instructions for a variety of methods!

Firre Socks lace knitting pattern by Joanna Ignatius

What colors can I use to knit the Firre Socks? 

The solid colors of Ewe Ewe Fluffy Fingering yarn really lend themselves to showing off this stitch pattern.

Saffron would make a pair of socks like the photo but I don’t think you could go wrong with these socks in any color! They’re stunning.

Fluffy Fingering merino wool sock yarn

Imagine how that Berry would pop the stitches or how lovely set of Lavender socks would look peeking out of your boot tops.

What about a pair in rich Forest Fern to really look like those resplendent fir trees?

You can't go wrong! See all the yarn colors: Ewe Ewe Fluffy Fingering merino sock yarn and choose a shade that you love.

How much yarn do I need to knit the Firre Socks?

Firre Socks Sizes: S (M, L) to fit foot circumference:
8-8.5 (8.5-9, 9.5-10) inches

You’ll need: 2-3 balls of Fluffy Fingering merino sock yarn in Saffron or the color of your choice.

Where do I find the links to make the Firre Socks with Fluffy Fingering yarn?

  1. Purchase Pattern: Firre Socks by Joanna Ignatius on Ravelry.
  2. Purchase Yarn: Fluffy Fingering merino sock yarn on this website.
  3. Knit the first lace sock.
  4. Knit that second sock!
  5. Love wearing these gorgeous socks for a long time.

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