Happy Haunts {Halloween socks knitting pattern}

Happy Haunts {Halloween socks knitting pattern}

I'm totally up for adorable Halloween around here! 

When I came across the Happy Haunts free sock knitting pattern on Ravelry, I KNEW it had to make it on a Socks on Saturday blog post.

These cute little color work ghouls coordinate so well with my Ghosts + Widows Hat and I think it'd be so fun to have a full ghosty set!

Ghosts Beanie and Happy Haunts socks

YES! How fun is this set?! I think it needs to be knit right now.

I'm so excited, I pulled together some different Fluffy Fingering yarn color combinations that would work perfectly for these spine-chilling socks. Take a look!

Colorway 1 – Midnight

Fluffy Fingering merino wool sock yarn

As dark as night, Fluffy Fingering yarn in Black Licorice is a good, solid black making it an exceptional backdrop for the Happy Haunts. Add a skein of Vanilla for the ghosts. Work the toe, heel and ankle in acidic Citrus Pop!

Ewe Ewe yarn to buy: 1 skein of 99 Black Licorice, 90 Vanilla, 43 Citrus Pop Fluffy Fingering yarn.

Colorway 2 – Mysterious

Fluffy Fingering merino wool sock yarn

Like a misty night when you can feel the dew settling in, soften the colors to an eerie feeling. Use Charcoal gray as the backdrop for Vanilla ghosts. Add a dash of golden Saffron as the torches you can see off in the distance.

Ewe Ewe yarn to buy: 1 skein 98 Charcoal, 90 Vanilla, 30 Saffron of Fluffy Fingering yarn.

Colorway 3 – Mystical

Fluffy Fingering merino wool sock yarn

Rich and powerful, purple's blend of calming blue and vibrant red make it a magical color. Mix it with a dash of Brushed Silver accents highlighted by bright Vanilla ghosts for a mythical set of socks.

Ewe Ewe yarn to buy: 1 skein 83 Iris Blossom, 90 Vanilla, 97 Brushed Silver Fluffy Fingering yarn.

Which colorway will you choose?

  1. Midnight
  2. Mysterious 
  3. Mystical

All would be so good!

How to download the Happy Haunts Sock Knitting Pattern: 

1. Happy Haunts free knitting pattern on Ravelry designed by Valorie Wibbens. Click here to go to Ravelry >

Please note, the designer adds that these socks are more of a "recipe" than a full pattern and recommends previous sock-knitting knowledge.

2. Buy the yarn: Fluffy Fingering by Ewe Ewe Yarns!

3. Buy the coordinating beanie: Ghosts + Widows Hat knitting pattern + yarn.

4. Knit, eat candy, knit!

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