Little Boxes Socks {knitting inspiration}

Little Boxes Socks {knitting inspiration}

Crazy colors and a simple color work repeat make the Little Boxes Socks knitting pattern so cute. It looks like they are totally addictive to knit!

Little Boxes Socks knitting pattern by Summer Lee

Designer Summer Lee says, "The Little Boxes Socks are a simple yet striking color work pattern that knits up quick!"

My type of project!

If you're new to stranded knitting or would just like a refresher, Summer even has a full tutorial video on how she knits color work socks. In the video you'll see what needles to use, and how to best manage the strands of yarn!

Watch on YouTube > 

What yarn colors should I choose?

We have 18 shades of Ewe Ewe Fluffy Fingering washable merino yarn so picking colors should be a blast!

I put together a few. The top row reminds me of the main image at the top of this post -- Aquamarine, Berry and Sky Blue!

Fluffy Fingering merino wool sock yarn

I thought the bottom row would look great with a Citrus Pop cuff/heel/toe, a Wheat grid and a Cotton Candy foot. 

How about a Saffron MC with Lemon Chiffon Boxes and an Iris Blossom foot?

Fluffy Fingering Merino Wool Sock Knitting Yarn

And then there's always the tried-and-true classic: grayscale! You can't go wrong with Black Licorice, Brushed Silver and Vanilla 🖤

Choose the craziest color palette you can think of and it seems to work in the Little Boxes Socks

Fluffy Fingering washable sock yarn in 18 colors!


Shop Fluffy Fingering merino superwash yarn >

Sock Knitting Pattern Specs:

Sizes: S (7”/17.5 cm) M (8”/20 cm) L (9”/22.5 cm) XL (10”/25 cm)

Designer note: The numbers above are in reference to the circumference of the ball of your foot, not the finished sock!

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns, Fluffy Fingering, 200 yards per 50g skein, 100% merino wool superwash yarn, #1 fingering weight

Skeins Required:

  • MC: 1 skein (approximately 80-120 yards)
  • CC1: 1 skein (approximately 60 - 80 yards)
  • CC2: 1 skein (approximately 54 - 70 yards)

Little Boxes Socks knitting pattern by Summer Lee on Etsy

How to Knit the Little Boxes Socks Now:

  1. Buy the pattern: Little Boxes Socks by Summer Lee on Ravelry or Etsy.
  2. Buy the yarn: Fluffy Fingering by Ewe Ewe Yarns.
  3. Knit, knit knit!

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