A sweater blocking error

A sweater blocking error

Hello, friends!

Heather here. I hope you're having a nice summer. I got to enjoy a nice evening out with my husband and this tasty margarita. 🍹

It's been a busy June and July here at Ewe Ewe Yarns after deciding to move to a new website platform. We've had it online for about 6 weeks and it seems like everyone is enjoying it!

There have been many messages saying it has easier navigation and a faster checkout process. I appreciate your feedback on these things and I'm happy to hear it was a move for the better!

I'm thrilled that, amid all the chaos, we also had the chance to add a new tank top pattern by Meaghan Schmaltz called Cable Divide. She dreamed up that beautiful sweater and knit it in a flash! So wearable. 

AND we added a whole line of must-have notions from a new brand called Billy and Baa. Have you tried any of them yet?

In other news, I made a terrible mistake.

 Pop Top sweater

Trying to be pro-active, I decided to block my favorite sweater before fall and I ruined it!

I wear my Pop Top all the time and so it needed a freshen up... except I let it dry in the sun and look at what happened! 

The sunlight combined with tiny little water droplets bleached my sweater!

I definitely knew better but opted for the fast option of getting it dried quickly. UGH! 😭

I suppose I'm having a moment of live-and-learn here but it was still sad to see it the next morning. 

I started a Forum here on the new website and I'd love for you to drop in there and let me know what you might do if this happened to you! Visit Conversation Corner >

As for the rest of my time...

Avocados on a tree

I'm still walking my dog every morning and enjoying my garden whenever I can. I'm growing a few varieties of tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, Japanese eggplant and several types of squash. Plus, ALL the herbs I can find. 🪴

I had the opportunity to visit my friend's avocado orchard this week and came home with a crateful!

Because they sit high in the tree, they're not an easy fruit to pick. Harvesting them requires a pruner at the end of a long pole. There's also a bag attached to the top of the pole so the avocados can be caught instead of falling like ferocious edible hail. It was fun to see how it happens!

What's new new at Ewe Ewe?


College Knitting Guide

We're gearing up for all the fall knitting to start!

What to watch for in August:

BACK TO SCHOOL: Some friends and I are putting together a College Knitting Handbook that includes tips and tricks for knitting some school spirit along with pattern ideas and a huge list of university team colors. 

CELEBRATION BLANKET: There's a VIP guest slated for August 10th and I can't wait to share her square! See the Celebration Blanket so far >

EVEN MORE NEW STUFF: From patterns to inspiration and more new notions, my to-do list is brimming with excitement. Stay tuned!


Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you've found something fun to think about or even a dose of inspiration.

I'd love for you to join me in the new Conversation Corner. It's still kind of bare bones since I just got it all set up, but I envision us sharing projects, asking questions and cheering each other on with our knitting.

Maybe in the future we can add other topics like gardening or cooking or more! I want it to be a place of inspiration and community so I hope it's easy enough to read and navigate. If you are logged in to your account you should be able to like posts and add comments.

Please let me know how it goes! 

Happy knitting,
💗 Heather

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