Do you have that ONE special skein of yarn that's waiting for the right project?

Do you have that ONE special skein of yarn that's waiting for the right project?

Listen in while 2 knitting-besties choose yarn together!

Do you have that ONE special skein of yarn? 🙌

My friend Meaghan ( started spinning and has the first hank of yarn from her own hands. So cool! 🫶 

Handspun yarn

This new yarn is only about 80 yards so we set out to pair it with a Ewe Ewe yarn to create a larger project.

How do I choose yarn to match with a handspun yarn?

Meaghan and I took to YouTube for a live chat and here are 5 things we discussed, how we made our choices, and what we learned through the conversation!

Things we considered:

  1. What project to knit?
  2. What weight is the handspun?
  3. What colors coordinate with the yarn?
  4. What colors does Meaghan like to wear?
  5. How much Ewe Ewe yarn is needed?

1. The Project

Meaghan chose the Solaris shawl by Melanie Berg. This pattern’s use of color as an accent appealed to Meaghan’s desire to really highlight her special yarn! Fun bobbles 😍

2. Yarn weight

As a new spinner, Meaghan was learning an entirely new hobby and the yarn changes thickness throughout. We estimated the yarn averages as a sport weight.

3. Coordinating with the handspun

We found several colors of Ewe Ewe that could work in unison with Meaghan’s yarn. Pulling pops of pink, blue, and cream all looked great!

4. Meaghan’s wardrobe preferences

Throughout the conversation we had a lot of comments and ooh and aahs, but one thing remained clear; Meaghan wanted this project for herself. She loves to wear neutrals over too much color letting Wheat and Brushed Silver make it to the final round.

5. Yarn amounts

Because the Solaris shawl is designed in fingering weight and Meaghan plans to adapt it to sport weight yarn, we referenced a sport-weight shawl design of a similar scale to estimate yardage requirements on this new project.

The Winning Combination!

🏆 The winning combination is… 🥁… Ewe Ewe Yarns, Ewe So Sporty merino in Brushed Silver, 5 skeins 🤗

Heather and merino yarn

Watch now by clicking the video at the top of this blog post or 

Catch our entire chat on my YouTube channel!

Do you have a special skein you want to highlight in a project?

We have so many amazing solid colors here at Ewe Ewe Yarns. Mix and match any of our bright, beautiful colors to your unique hank of yarn.

Choose the right color of Ewe Ewe yarn for you!

Ewe Ewe merino wool yarn

What color did you choose? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Happy knitting,
💗 Heather

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