3 Boomerang Shawls for You to Knit Now!

3 Boomerang Shawls for You to Knit Now!

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Where can I get the Fluffy Fusion Shawl Free Knitting Pattern?

Download the pattern right here! >

Fluffy Fusion Shawl free knitting pattern from Ewe Ewe Yarns

What is a Boomerang Shawl?

A boomerang shawl is knit beginning at the smallest end and working toward the wider end. A combination of increases and decreases at the different edges gives this shawl style its unique shape.

Boomerang Shawl Characteristics

One edge, the top edge in this case, is a lot longer than the other. The swoop shape is where the increases happen. The shorter edge, or lower edge is where the decreases happen.

What's are 3 Great Boomerang Shawl Knitting Patterns?

1. Fluffy Fusion Shawl free knitting pattern

A 5-color fade makes the Fluffy Fusion Shawl so fun to knit and even better to wear! By holding 2 strands of yarn together, this shawl blends the whole way along and it just blends the whole time.

On this pattern, you are working two strands of yarn held together, and so here you're holding two strands of the vanilla and then you switch to one vanilla, one berry, and then all berry, and move into saffron, and into aqua, and then finally into the forest fern. And you really get this cool, dramatic color blend that fades into, you know, just a gorgeous shawl.

DOWNLOAD Fluffy Fusion free shawl knitting pattern >

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2. Ewe So Summer Shawl knitting pattern

Ewe So Summer and this one you can see that gorgeous crescent shape happening again.

This one is a lot bigger and knit in sport weight yarn. It blends through some super cool colors, but this one, because it's so much larger, I like to wrap this one around and then sometimes I even like take the long end throw it in a knot to give it a little weight.

We whole rainbow of sport weight yarn to mix and match colors for your shawl! 

Ewe So Summer was designed by Meaghan Schmalz and she delivers a fabulous pattern inside!

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3. Color Parade Shawl knitting pattern + kit

Color Parade is the lightest weight shawl of the bunch and it is knit using our fingering weight yarn. 

A sweet stockinette stitch background is highlighted by a sweet row of color with pops of pink, lavender, aqua and citrus!

The Color Parade Yarn Kits come with five colors and it has three balls here of charcoal as the main color, and then one little skein of each of these accent colors that happen through it. And then the bonus is that once you finish the shawl, you also have enough yarn left over to make yourself a color parade hat!

And we have yarn kits available for this one too, in two awesome colorways. So this one is called neons, and then this one is called neutrals. Look how beautiful that is, isn't it so fun? How different you can. A project. Look, if you just change out the colors, I, it's like I said, my favorite thing to think about.

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