Brioche Knit Cowl at Any Gauge!

Brioche Knit Cowl at Any Gauge!

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We love some brioche knitting here at Ewe Ewe because our yarns are PERFECT for the stitch. The wonderful stitch definition created by Ewe Ewe yarns highlights the gorgeous design brioche knitting creates.

The Basync Brioche Cowl Knitting Pattern Story

I was lucky enough to collaborate with the excellent brioche knitting designer, Meaghan Schmaltz, for a pattern she calls Basync Brioche. Meaghan presented the idea of one pattern that uses each weight of Ewe Ewe yarns and this is what she came up with!

Basync Brioche is a multi-gauge cowl pattern that creates a cowl with 2 balls of any weight of yarn! One pattern, four gauges!

Basync Brioche cowl knitting pattern using Ewe So Sporty merino yarn

What Gauge Yarn does the Basync Brioche Pattern Use?

Each size of the Basync Brioche cowl shown is based on the weight of yarn that’s used. Just 1 skein of 2 colors completes the project for that gauge. So cool!

The cowls change shape and size based on the weight of yarn and each are designed with the yarn amounts in mind. You’ll be able to knit the whole project with 2 balls of your favorite colors – a true 2-skein treat!

Basync Brioche cowl using Baa Baa Bulky yarn

What does Basync Brioche mean?

The name, Basync Brioche is a clever melding of basic stitches, just brioche knit and brioche purl, and the visual syncopation of swapping the dominant color halfway through the piece.

How to Learn Brioche Knitting

Brioche knitting is an advanced knitting technique that works a little differently than the regular knits and purls you already know.

To learn more about how to knit brioche you can see our Learn It Now Brioche Knitting Tutorials blog post where Meaghan herself teaches this exact technique!

Look for the video about 2 Color Brioche Worked in the Round and you’re all set.

What Yarn Colors work best for Brioche Knitting?

Depending on with which colors the cowls are knit, the look of the project can change! For the Ewe So Sporty version we chose two blues for a tonal look. The big Baa Baa Bulky cowl looks gorgeous and shiny with that Brushed Silver and Saffron combo.

Basync Brioche cowl pattern shown with Wooly Worsted yarn

Meaghan designed this pattern in 2016 and it’s been such a success we decided to refresh it by adding a new Fluffy Fingering version!

With just 2 balls of Ewe Ewe Fluffy Fingering merino yarn you can create the latest version of Basync Brioche!

Basync Brioche cowl using Fluffy Fingering yarn

What a great pattern! I love that just 2 balls of any weight of Ewe Ewe can whip up into a perfect new project.

How to Knit the Basync Brioche Project for yourself!

First, get the pattern from Meaghan if you haven’t already.

Second, shop yarn to make this project. I put together yarn kits to celebrate!

What yarn and color combo will you choose!?

I narrowed my ideas down to four color combos to choose from for each weight of yarn but feel free to choose your own yarn colors!

Shop online or visit one of our local yarn shops to get the yarn to make this project.

Happy knitting!
💗 Heather

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