2021 Ewe Ewe Yarns Knitting Pattern Year in Review

2021 Ewe Ewe Yarns Year in Review!

Who feels me when I say, “Last year did not go according to plan”?!

Life always has a funny way of throwing unexpected twists and turns at us. What I know for sure, though, is why I got into the knitting business in the first place.

I have a real passion for yarn, color and new knitting ideas and I value keeping things fresh and exciting here at Ewe Ewe Yarns.

Even though it was a wild ride, 2021 was no exception! There were lots of new things happening here.

During this year I had the honor of celebrating a 10 years in business and I brought some friends over to celebrate with a {virtual} pattern party.

I launched a NEW yarn, named it after myself and even put my face right on the label! (How's that for being confident in your product?!)

Plus, there are quite a few new knitting patterns that I'm excited to talk about. 

Let's take a look at all the wonderful things that happened with 2021 Ewe Ewe Review!  

The Celebration Blanket

Celebration Blanket knitting pattern images as of December 2021

To celebrate my decade in business, I asked 12 fellow yarn business owners and designers to knit a square for a commemorative blanket pattern.

We've had a ton of fun launching a new free knitting pattern each month!

I've really enjoyed chatting to each of these friends and hearing a quick story through the lens of working together. 

Designers like Elizabeth Smith, Marie Greene, Nancy Queen and Wendy Bernard have generously donated a design along with Ewe Ewe fan-favorites like Meaghan Schmaltz and Pauline Walpole.

So far, we have 11 of the 12 squares of the patchwork blanket with the final block and story coming on January 10th!

Where can I find the Celebration Blanket free knitting patterns?

The Celebration Blanket free knitting patterns and yarn kits are all on one special webpage here

If you like to use Ravelry, all of the designs are also available for download there, too! See the Celebration Blanket on Ravelry >

A new yarn! 

Heather's Heathers worsted weight merino wool yarn 

What sparked the idea for my business? Two words: SOFT YARN.

It’s those two words that turned a spark into a fire that continues blazing to this day, 10 years later. 

This year, after 10 years in business, I launched a new yarn in 10 colors!

If you've been here a while you'll know my Ewe Ewe palette is filled with bright and saturated colors, but I wanted to do something different for this anniversary yarn. 

What's better than a heathered yarn for someone named Heather?!

Not much, I'd say!

Heather's Heathers is a super-soft merino wool yarn, just like my other yarns, but with beautiful, subtle color. 

I carefully selected 10 shades from my original rainbow and blended them each with a small amount of silver and charcoal to give them that feel of your favorite comfy sweats.

Adding those soft gray tones created a mellow edge giving the yarn an extra layer of coziness. 

If you haven't tried it yet, you should!

Where can I discover all the colors of Heather's Heathers yarn?

If you're looking for the next best yarn for a worsted-weight project, look no further than Heather's Heathers fine merino yarn. See all 10 colors >

7 new knitting patterns!

Along with 11 Celebration Blanket square patterns, we also have 7 other new designs! Scroll, click, knit, enjoy!

1. Easy Twisted Rib Beanie free knitting pattern

Easy Twisted Rib Beanie free knitting pattern 

Pattern: Easy Twisted Rib Beanie free knitting pattern by Heather Walpole

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Heather's Heathers worsted weight yarn, 1 ball of 2 colors. See yarn kits here and matching mittens pattern below!

2. Easy Twisted Rib Mittens free knitting pattern to match the hat!

Easy Twisted Rib Mittens free worsted weight knitting pattern with matching hat

Pattern: Easy Twisted Rib Mittens free knitting pattern designed by Heather Walpole.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns Heather's Heathers, 1 ball of 2 colors. See yarn kits!

3. Cat Lady Crop leopard print sweater knitting pattern

Cat Lady Crop sweater knitting pattern with leopard print

Pattern: Cat Lady Crop designed by Emma Kerian for Ewe Ewe Yarns.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted in 2 colors. See yarn kits!

4. Ewe Heart Hat lace motif free knitting pattern

Ewe Heart Hat free knitting pattern

Pattern: Ewe Heart Hat designed by Meaghan Schmaltz.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Heather's Heathers worsted weight yarn, 1-2 skeins.

5. Pop Top Cardigan sweater knitting pattern

Pop Top Cardigan bulky weight sweater knitting pattern

Pattern: Pop Top Cardigan designed by Heather Walpole.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Baa Baa Bulky, 5-10 skeins depending on size.

6. Softly Striped Baby Blanket easy free knitting pattern

Softly Striped Baby Blanket easy worsted weight free knitting pattern

Pattern: Softly Striped Baby Blanket free knitting pattern by Nancy Queen.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Yarns Heather's Heathers worsted weight merino.

7. Cable Divide, an awesome relaxed tank top

Cable Divide relaxed tank top knitting pattern

Pattern: Cable Divide tank top designed by Meaghan Schmaltz.

Yarn: Ewe Ewe Fluffy Fingering, 5-8 skeins depending on size.

Want to see ALL the new pattern designs in one place?

Click through all of Ewe Ewe's 2021 patterns with this handy chronological feed on Ravelry

Happy New Year and Thank You!

Can you believe it? I started my business nearly 11 years ago now, and it’s absolutely flown by!

Since then, I've met so many amazing friends and supporters and was able to take this business from a crazy idea to full-time job and livlihood.

It’s been quite the journey, and I’m thankful you’re here knitting with me along the way.

Now excuse me while I go celebrate with more knitting!

I have a lot in store for 2022 and I can't wait to share it with you.

Happy Knit Year,
💗 Heather

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