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Finish It February with Heather

Finish It February with Heather

During our River Mitts Cast On Party last Saturday, a knitter asked us all how many projects we had on the needles. 

The question kept rolling around in my mind and so I hauled out the projects sitting beside me at the sofa. 🛋

I found four just within arm's reach, FOUR! No... these aren't all of my WIPs because that would fill more than this table but these are all the ones I'm most excited to finish and I think that's a good place to start.

From the top right around clockwise:

  1. River Mitts which are super fun to knit! Kits here and our Bind Off Party this Saturday 🙌. 
  2. Celebration Blanket Block 11 free pattern designed by Heidi Gustad. (The finishing steps for the entire blanket are coming this month, too!) 
  3. Small swatch for a summer t-shirt (have you seen the Anker Tee? I think we could knit it in Fluffy Fingering!)
  4. A new marled sweater design by me! 

And now, to the surprise of no one... Let's FINISH IT FEBRUARY!

Finish It February month of motivation

I asked you on Instagram and Facebook how many projects YOU have on the needles and we had a lot of fun revealing (or not!) how many projects we have floating in our orbit.

At first my posts were just to reassure myself that these are creative goals and that finishing them is the main idea. Maybe I was looking for a dose of accountability and not even realizing it.

Fast forward an hour and my friend Megan at Billy and Baa phones up and says, “I have a ton of projects, too. Are we going to do Finish It February??” 👯‍♀️ 

The thought hadn't crossed my mind but maybe it was lurking around back there wanting to find its way out. It just took her saying something and now, HERE WE ARE! 🙋‍♀️ 

Do you have lingering projects? 
Do you love group motivation?
Are you ready to finish a few things with me?? 

Leave a comment and let me know what you'd like to finish this month!

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Irene on

I have a baby t-shirt on my needles for my first great great grandson due in March. I made 2 baby quilts and a romper with bear ears and a face embroidered on it. Then there are 2 cardigans on needles and 1 pullover on needles. I try to get a little work done on them all but mostly the baby t-shirt. Puff Puff. These are the ones on needles that I want to get finished. The only one I will be able to finish in Feb. is the baby t-shirt.

Marlee on

I would like to finish the following:
- My celebration Blanket Squares, I think I have completed 5 so far. (on needles)
- My second River Mitt (on needles)
- A Fresh Squezzed sweater for my cousin’s new baby in her university colors (In project Bag)
I don’t have anything else on needles or planned. I have a large stage that I want to work my way through, but between work, life, and medical appointments, I am going to stop here and hopefully set myself up for success :) Thank you all for the inspiration!

Anne on

I have to set goals or nothing will get done. I wanted to finish the leopard pattern design before taking it with me to Victoria BC but ran out of time so I left it at home. I did bring with me cotton yarn to make dishcloths which my family loves. I usually wait until November to start them, then madly make them but I decided to start in Jan and take my time. So far I have made 5 and moving along at a good pace. Last year I made 10, so hopefully I can make more this year. Home is Toronto ON but I’m visiting my son in Victoria for 2 wks. I wanted knitting projects to be simple while I’m away, aka the dishcloths.

Sue Slottke on

I made a list… adult sweaters 2 on sleeve island and one that’s about halfway through the body; baby sweaters, two on sleeve island; one scarf/small shawl about 33% done; and 3 right hand fingerless mitts that need mates!

Jeannette Sommeso on

Hi, I too have projects on my needles, as always! I’m making a pullover sweater, an open sided sweater/poncho and the last celebration blanket square. I’ve made 2 pillows with two of the squares which I really like.
Happy to read that you will be making suggestions for joining the celebration blanket. I’m not sure what stitch and what color to use. Look forward to hearing from you.

Lisa on

I think I have 6 projects going right now. A shawl, a brioche sweater, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 toys.

Danetta on

2 cardigans (an olive one to piece, and a blueberry one just started), a yellowish lace stole, a rust and blue cowl to quickly finish off, a coral summer tee to go with a new coral skirt skirt. a gray pullover just started: 6!

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