Put Your Knitting Project on Hold without Worrying!

Put Your Knitting Project on Hold without Worrying!

Hello, yarn friends! It's Heather here, the owner of Ewe Ewe Yarns.

Today, I want to share with you a helpful technique: how to put a knitting project on hold. As we gear up for our Pop Your Color Knit-Along, I thought it would be a great time to discuss how to put a project into hibernation.  

The Need to Put a Knitting Project on Hold:

I've been knitting on a sweater project through the holidays, however, now that the knit along is about to begin, I need to temporarily set aside my current project. I enjoy knitting patterns by other designers purely for pleasure and relaxation, without the added pressure of designing or running a KAL, which means this sweater isn't a priority for me right now. I am going to mark down all the relevant pattern info so I can get back to it with confidence! 

Making Knitting Project Management Easier:

We can't ALWAYS be knitting on EVERYTHING, can we?

To make putting projects on hold as easy as possible, I've recently restocked one of the most helpful products I've ever designed! It's called the Notes to Knit By notepad, which we have here at Ewe Ewe Yarns.

This simple notepad measures three and a half by five inches, making it the perfect size to jot down important project details.

The Details of Notes to Knit By notepads:

The Notes to Knit By notepad includes sections for the pattern name, the size you're making, the needles you're using, your current location within the pattern, and space for additional notes and the date.

One unique feature of this notepad is the holes on each page, allowing you to easily attach it to your project.

In Practice: Filling Out the Notepad:

Let's work through an example of how to use the Notes to Knit By notepad, using my Ilya sweater project as a reference.

Firstly, I write down the pattern name - "Ilya" by Caitlin Hunter. Since I'm making the third size, I note that down as well.

For the needle size, I'm using a US7 for the body and a US6 for the ribbing.

Next, the notepad prompts me to specify my current location in the pattern. In my case, I've finished the yoke, raglan, and colorwork sections, and just started the left sleeve. Specifically, I've completed one round after the colorwork chart on the sleeve.

I attach a snippet of the lavender yarn I won't be needing anymore of that color to complete the sweater. I also keep my interchangeable needle tips for the main needle and ribbing needle together with my yarn making it easy to pick up where I left off when I come back to the project.

Knitting Project Hibernating Conclusion:

The Notes to Knit By is an invaluable tool for any knitter who needs to put a project on hold!

These notes help keep all essential information organized and easily accessible, reducing stress and confusion when you're ready to resume knitting on the project.

Whether you need to put your project on hold because you're joining our knit-along or simply embarking on a new project, more urgent project, consider using these notepads to enhance your knitting experience!

Thank you for stopping by today... Don't forget to check out the Notes to Knit By notepads in our store.

Have a wonderful day and happy knitting!
💗 Heather

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